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  1. Vehicle Help
    I have a 88 Ramcharger 318 tbi. I remplace the fuel pumpban filter an it ran great. I then replaced the belts an now I have no power to the fuel pump an the little solonoid on the tbi no longer works when I turn the ignition on. Any ideas what on what happend?
  2. Parts For Sale
    Hello all! I have a 1986 W250 long bed that I completed a body off restore on. Between junkyards, craigslist, and facebook marketplace I got everything I needed to fully restore and get it street legal again, but in the process I have a bunch of spare parts I don't need. If you want photos or...
  3. Technical Discussion
    22 gauge fusible link consists of 7 strands of 30 gauge wire. 14 gauge fusible link that is readily available has 29 gauge wire in it. Purchase a 14 gauge fusible link, grab the wires firmly with pliers and pull and stretch the wire casing off the 14 gauge fusible link. It takes a minute but if...
  4. Vehicle Help
    I have an 88 RC with a 360 mag swap. The truck came with no radio and the speakers were taken out. Need some Tips as to how to hook up a new Radio Because I’m not really Electric savvy if you have any info please text Posting phone numbers is not a good idea. SB
1-4 of 4 Results