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  1. Parts Compatibility and Interchange Discussion
    I have a 318 LA out of a 1987 dodge d150 that I am rebuilding. I would like to go with a flat tappet cam that is good for a daily driver but gives me a little more torque and power at lower RPM's. I have heard good things about the SUM-6901, but there are issues with the supply chain or...
  2. Vehicle Help
    Hi I have DODGE RAM 1981 D150, and I am tryiing to locate the vin number on the frame, Can't find any help appreciated
  3. Vehicle Help
    What's going on everyone new here but am in need of help or advice. Got a ac control switch I am in need of changing since the one I had is burnt. Just changed everything I could to get it to work but it was the ac control switch in the end . Now after looking around I can only find for 83-82...
1-3 of 3 Results