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  1. Vehicle Help
    I was returning home last night, driving my 89 (87' US) RamCharger, when I felt a sudden loss of power and multiple engine misfires. I looked through the rear view mirror and saw a white cloud of smoke emanating from the exhaust pipe. Immediately I pulled over as I thought I had an oil leak. I...
  2. Technical Discussion
    Hi everyone! New here I've been looking through the threads for tech info. I recently bought a 73 W200 with a 318 and a Carter 2bbl, 4 speed. The accelerator pump has been leaking and has a slow drip onto the intake manifold. I am looking to replace this but I can't seem to find an exact part...
  3. Vehicle Help
    So, I installed a rebuilt carb that I got from Summit. After unnecessary extra work”crimped the fuel line so I had to replace that” I got it running pretty good. I went to fine tune the idle screws to what seemed ideal, and it flooded out when I backed into my turn around spot in my driveway. I...
1-3 of 3 Results