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  1. Axle Tech & Discussion
    I've been looking for a solution for my '73 PW. The problem is that it has drum brakes up front. I would like to put Chevy brakes on it, but no luck. I found a local salvage yard truck that is a 1987 W250 with full time hubs that are vacuum actuated. They're asking $425 (Is that a good price?)...
  2. Axle Tech & Discussion
    I decided to lift my truck and since you're suppose to replace the U bolts, I want to flip them, to where they are pointing up. I don't know how to figure out the diameter of an axle so that I can get the right ones. I have a D44 front and a D80 rear, which was given to me.(and no I am not...
  3. Vehicle Help
    Hey folks, I got into an accident and sheared my hub off the axle. I need a replacement. What is the standard axle size and gearing of a 1988 dodge ramcharger W100 5.2L and 727 torquflite? Or how do I measure these things. Also, if anybody in the Morgantown WV area has a replacement I can buy...
1-3 of 3 Results