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  1. Technical Discussion
    What are your guy's opinions. I am going to be pulling the 318 out of my 83 RC. I have a 440 and a 360. Should I stroke the 360 or do a 440 swap? What would be the cheapest and what would give me the most power?(I am looking for low end torque) A stroked 360 or a stock 440 with a cam and some...
  2. Rams, Power Wagons, D/W 50s, Dakotas and other tru
    Got tired of hauling farm things in a CR-V, so when I was able, I bought a real truck. It needs a little work here and there. not planning on a restoration. I like it with all the dents and scratches, so I won't worry over the paint every time I need to move something. Drove 2 hours back the...
1-3 of 3 Results