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  1. Parts Compatibility and Interchange Discussion
    I have a 318 LA out of a 1987 dodge d150 that I am rebuilding. I would like to go with a flat tappet cam that is good for a daily driver but gives me a little more torque and power at lower RPM's. I have heard good things about the SUM-6901, but there are issues with the supply chain or...
  2. Vehicle Help
    I have an 84 RC with a 318 and 60k miles. The engine is bone stock and it’s equipped with a Holley 2280. I noticed it pouring fuel out of the carburetor and figured it was in need of a rebuild … dry rotted gaskets and all. After the rebuild, it still has the issue. I don’t know exactly what the...
  3. Vehicle Help
    Hi, I have an 85’ W150 with a 318 (carbureted) and I’ve been having a recurring, and easy reproduced problem. The truck starts and idles just fine (a bit shaky due to what looks like a wobbly harmonic balancer) and will drive as long as I baby it and only accelerate gradually but when I hit the...
  4. Vehicle Help
    I have a 88 Ramcharger 318 tbi. I remplace the fuel pumpban filter an it ran great. I then replaced the belts an now I have no power to the fuel pump an the little solonoid on the tbi no longer works when I turn the ignition on. Any ideas what on what happend?
  5. Vehicle Help
    I have a 85 ramcharger prospecter and I live up north we’re it gets below freezing and my OEM starters not cutting it. Anyone put on a good aftermarket starter that they would recommend that would work for my truck I have a 318. I was looking at powermasters or proform starters.
  6. Wanted or Trades
    Hi! As the title says, I have a 1984 Ramcharger. The person I bought it from said the automatic tranny was blown and had previously gone through 2 others, so I figured why not just take a Sawzall to the floor and convert it to a 4 speed manual? What all do I need for it? It's got 4 wheel drive...
1-6 of 6 Results