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  1. Vehicle Help
    This 1988 Dodge Ram Charger was left on my property when I bought my house. There is no title and no keys. The interior is in disarray, but it looks like all the parts are there. Motor intact (I think). Neighbors say it's been sitting for 10+ years. For the past year I've been navigating the...
  2. Vehicle Help
    I have been looking and looking on how to lift the front of my 2wd 88 rc and cannot find anything besides strut spacers and I don’t really trust those. Ps new to old dodge so I really don’t know much
  3. Vehicle Help
    Hello, I have a 1988 ramcharger I bought a year ago and I keep having the same issues with it. I need help on figuring out a power draw problem. I replaced the battery and the alternator. I can charge the battery some days and run it on the road for a few days and some days it will run like...
1-3 of 3 Results